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Frankie and Edward: A Love Story

A hot story erupted all over the New York Post and Metro this week about a real life 'Fifty Shades of Grey' scenario. It involves an older gent named Edward Sonderling and his young, nubile female companion named Frankie Santiago. I must say, it was a very interesting read.

This was really some seriously eye opening stuff coming to light. First things first, have you seen the pictures of this dude? He is 53-years old and looks flipping amazing! The guy is ripped and easily has a body that most 30-year old dudes would want to have. I thought the pictures were wrong because Edward easily looks ten years younger. Whatever moisturizer and wrinkle cream he uses, I could totally use especially after a hard night of partying.

Forget learning about how he likes to whip his girl every morning, I want to know how he whips his body into shape!

No offense to Charlie Sheen, but Sonderling is my new idol. He owns his own investment firm, keeps himself looking bro-tastic, and also has this tasty piece of action to play with everyday (and he did...every day). Plus he has quite the awesome nickname of 'King Eddo' which is either a reference to the days of King Jehoshaphat or the Legend of Zelda.

After the story broke a reported was trying to get some juicy comments from him but Edward simply responded, "I really don't need to comment on that." Obviously he didn't want to go into detail unless they went to the dungeon.

Who cares if he guy likes to indulge in a little slap-n-tickle anyway or whip-n-tickle as it may be. It's not like he does it in the office instead of handling his business of managing people's money. He keeps it all respectable and just smacks his girl at home the way she likes it...well at least until he decided to switch models.

Now for the reporters that are latching on to this whole, '50 Shades of Grey' angle maybe you should all read the book first. Yes there is some S&M action going on but those characters are only like 5 years apart in age. Edward has 26-years on his young 27-year old live-in fetish slave Frankie. Plus in the book the two weren't shacked up on 57th street.

Sheesh, some reporters are just lazy about fact checking these days.

Well good King Eddo has probably had his reputation sullied a bit by this whole scene but I am guessing her won't care too much. The dude seems to have one of those positive attitudes about life that will keep him going. Or it could be all his money and being surrounded by ladies in leather begging him to whip them before having sex.

Heck even if his business starts to go down the tube I am sure he could always apply to tour with KISS; he already has his leather outfit.