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For the love of Tebow

Screw you Tebow! It is really hard to say that since I respect and admire the hell out of Tim Tebow for his character. But at the same time where the hell do you get off throwing for 316 yards against the Steelers? Do you know how much money I lost betting on that game? Oh, betting is a sin and Jesus used you as a vehicle to punish me? God damnit.

It is hard to stay mad at Tim Tebow for long. I have been a fan since he played college ball just because of the way he carried himself. Others like to poke fun at him for the 'holier than thou' thing but they guy is really humble. With all the press coverage on Tebow-mania not once has he stepped out to pick up endorsements or extra press appearances. The only exceptions is when he mentions a kid he visits at the hospital or some other humanitarian aspect.

Seriously? Can this guy's character get any better? My friend in Denver sent a picture taken before overtime started on the playoff game with the Broncos and Steelers showing 6 kids Tebowing in the basement. "That is the first time they have ever prayed," he noted. Not that we are pushing religion here, but it is rather an eye opener that one man playing football can have such a big effect on people anymore.

Long gone are the days of athletes being heroes and role models. As Charles Barkley famously told us, "I am not a role model." While many others have not publically said it, their scandalous actions constantly show us that there are very few people left around anymore that are truly sports heroes. From Tiger Woods banging girls all across the PGA tour to Brett Farve texting penis pictures, there has been a serious dip in expectations for sports athletes teaching our kids anything other than how to be selfish or plow your $500,000 Bentley into pedestrians after leaving a party at 5 a.m..

So now we have Tim Tebow, we have Tebow Time, we have Tebowing, and in general Tebow-mania. Honestly with all of the crap we as sports fans deal with reading about - lockouts, Kobe's divorce (shocker), steroids, gambling - it is a real nice change of pace to see a young guy who has the kind of attributes we want to see in our kids; honest, team-player, unselfish, polite, with good character, and of course a good scrambler who can take a hit. So, thank you Tim Tebow for just being you and providing a nice example that not all athletes are selfish douche bags.