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Floyd Mayweather books his next appearance in Las Vegas

After winning another huge payday in the boxing ring, Mayweather is getting ready for his next bout, with a cramped cell in Las Vegas. A picture the Las Vegas Police Department released shows us that poor Floyd might be taking a slight step down compared to the accommodations he is used to when he hits Vegas.

How is he going to be able to entertain Justin Bieber and his other celeb friends without a proper lounge area?

Poor Floyd might have to spend 11 weeks in his tiny little cell which is a total slap on the wrist considering the charges he had levied against him. But it shouldn't be a huge deal. Aside from being rich, sports figures usually get some natural level of protection inside jail as they are semi celebrities. It might hurt Floyd a little that he is a fighter because I am sure some guy will want to try and knock him out. But hey, he does get punched in the face for a living so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Plus Floyd can stay in shape running in the yard and lifting weights. He might even learn some valuable skills like how to take a crap and shave at the same time. Did you see that sweet toilet/sink combo they get in each cell? Just jump on that bad boy in reverse and you can be a multi-tasking beast! Not that you really need to get stuff done quickly when you are sitting in your cell all day.

But just in case Floyd gets bored, we made a list of things he can do to pass the time!

1.     Pay an inmate to smuggle a Nintendo DS into his cell (make sure to use a sanitizing wipe!)

2.     Play high stakes poker with the inmates. "I raise your two cartons of Camels with this gold watch!"

3.     Catch up on his reading. Not sure if Floyd ever reads anything other than his press clippings but it could be a good time to start. I recommend Heart of a Champion or the Art of War. Maybe then he will learn to finish a damn fight like a man.

4.     Workout. I mean, he should be doing this anyway as he is a professional fighter.

5.     Start a relationship. Be a bitch or get a bitch. Either way you have someone special you can talk to.

6.     Masturbate...a lot.

7.     Start writing his story, "How I Survived in Prison."

8.     Make collect calls to Justin Bieber and the rest of his entourage.

9.     Look at pictures of all the money he has and dream of swimming in it when he gets out of prison.

10. Find Jesus.

11. Count the bricks on the wall.

12. Get some prison tattoos.

13. Learn to paint.

14. Teach other guys how to fight in hopes that they will protect you from even bigger dudes.