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Finally the Pope is on Twitter


Always wondered exactly what the Pope is thinking while he cruises around town in the Pope-mobile? Well wonder no longer. Soon you can get regular Twitter updates from the Pontiff himself at the newly minted @Pope2YouVatican.

Wait, what? Who the hell picked that Twitter account name? It's cool that the church is getting into this whole 'Tweet thing' but Jesus....whoops...but geez can you let someone pick a better name? Yes I am sure @Pope  and @ThePope were both already taken by jokers. Of course reports say that Pope Benedict XVI isn't actually managing the account and tweets will come from his posse, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. So maybe those genius's picked that weak Twitter name.

Maybe they thought it was a hip name that means something like "That's the Pope to you, Vatican" or "Pope directly to you live from the's Saturday Night!"  Sadly, they were mistaken.

Well in case he isn't satisfied with that name we have a few ideas for his next account.

·       @TheRealPope16

·       @PopeBXVI

·       @BigPoppaPontiff

·       @ThePopeYeahReally

·       @HeyItsThePope

·       @EggsBenedictXVI

·       @CardinalB

·       @HeyGodItsThePope

It is kind of cool that he will tweet messages in different languages and do themed tweet events like Lent. I am sure plenty of people will be jealous when his Twitter numbers start blowing up. He might not get Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga big, but I'm sure he can add a few hundred thousand followers soon.

In the meantime his Social Communications group needs to do some work on his Twitter account. First he has no real profile picture. That is a cardinal rule for social media - use a real picture of you. Also the Pope isn't following anyone. What's up with that? You would think he would at least be checking out what @GodisListening or @Jesus are tweeting. Maybe show some religious tolerance and follow @DalaiLama or @Krishna? Maybe a little @Manwall following, eh Pope?