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Finally, the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape!

If you are like me this is just the news story you have been waiting for! Finally we get to see a 50 year old guy strip down and get frisky! I guess if you are looking for a laugh then this will be a funny movie. But other than that; who the hell wants to see it? Maybe you can use it to induce vomiting at the ER instead of pumping stomachs?

When you look at the leaked sex tapes people want to see they all make sense. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were both young and popular with decent looks. Pamela Anderson is a no-brainer. Even Bret Michaels makes sense since a lot of women wanted to see him naked without risking an STD. But Hulk Hogan? Are you serious?

The guy is not what you would call attractive. With that leathery tanned skin and let's face it; out of shape flabby body, I can't imagine any woman wants to pay to see that. Plus everyone knows how many steroids the Hulkster used to use so I imagine we won't be impressed to see what he whips out of his tights. Let's not even get started on his hip injury so we know he won't be slinging it around the room. Of course it would become an epic funny movie if he throws out a hip mid stroke.

So why is this a story? Seriously even at Manwall we will probably only post this to the funny movie section just to mock the guy.

Maybe, and just maybe if the girl he is with is really hot and someone famous then it might be worth a gander. But otherwise who really cares? I wonder if the story was leaked in hopes that someone would actually want to buy it because I can't imagine the price point for AARP Porn is very high. Well maybe he can turn it into a sponsorship deal with Extenze. He does have that name recognition.