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Ferris Bueller Returns in this Funny Video Clip

Honda sent me an e-mail so I can preview their new CRV commercial before the Super Bowl. Awful thoughtful of them isn't it? Of course you would think that having your hot new commercial available as a funny video clip on YouTube lessens the hype just a little. But then again, when you enlist Matthew Broderick to reprise his cult classic role of Ferris Bueller things are bound to go a bit differently.

If you aren't as lucky as me to be on the Honda mailing list you can view the whole funny video clip here on YouTube.

Post Video Thoughts:

·       I still love that 'Oh Yeah" song. It just sounds dirty.

·       Broderick is still pretty cool but just in a different way these days. Not the "I wanna be like him" but more the "I would totally grab a beer with him" way.

·       What, no Charlie Sheen cameo?

·       Love the license plate "SOCHOIC" - classic.

·       I am now really tempted to test drive a CRV and see if it can catch air like in the commercial.

·       Giant Panda Head-Bob - nice!

·       Where the hell is Cameron?

·       The Chinese parade was nice but I really want to see that Beatles number again.

Of course right after this video went viral Acura immediately let their funny video clip commercial with Jerry Seinfeld loose. You can check it out here on YouTube. While it is kind of funny it doesn't really do as well as Ferris for me. Honestly I would rather see more of that car because it looks flipping sweet!

Overall this trend is good. Adding good actors to funny bits in an attempt to create a funny video clip that people like me will share with the world is good advertising. While I don't give a crap about buying a new car, I will always watch a good video that makes me laugh. Well played Honda (who also makes Acura), well played.