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Fantasy Football Week 2 - Who to Start & Sit


With the Week One cherry fully popped everyone can relax a little bit as week ease into Week Two. There still is still no reason to panic Chris Johnson owners. While there were a few shocks in the opening part of the season it is too early to get overly worried. However, we can take what we saw to adjust some of our match-ups in this week.

Do I have a crystal ball to figure this crap out? No, I am working on trends and analysis just like anyone else. Since this is the NFL and these guys are elite athletes I will be wrong now and again because elite athletes tend to put on amazing performances now and again. With that being said...

Week Two - Who to Start and Who to Sit

For everyone else the general rule is studs always get started no matter who they are playing. Below we are going to address some specific situations people might be unsure about for this week of fantasy football.

Start Em'

·       CJ Spiller (vs Kansas City) - With Nelson and Jackson out and Johnson gimpy they only have one playmaker and the KC defense is beat up right now.

·       Alfred Morris (vs. St. Louis) - So far it looks like RGIII will not be running much around the goal line. That is good news for our guy Morris. He had a solid line last week and should be good for 80 yards and a score this week against an improving St. Louis team that still got ripped by the Bears in the red zone.

·       Randall Cobb (vs. Chicago) - This guy is fast and a triple threat since he is playing return man, wide receiver, and apparently a little running back. After a good showing against San Francisco and with Jennings hurt he will get looks.

·       Cincinnati Def (vs. Cleveland) - They will be pissed after getting hammered by the Ravens and Cleveland looks lost. Expect a low scoring affair with some turnovers.

·       Stevan Ridley (vs. Arizona) - The Riddler looks to have a decent shot at being a serious producer for New England. Arizona will more than likely get beat down quickly which means clock burning yards in the second half.

·       New England Def (vs. Arizona) - Kolb has been very shaky as a starter and a turnover machine. I like this matchup for New England.

·       Michael Bush (vs. Green Bay) - He is a goal line vulture and Green Bay can't tackle worth shit. Skip him in yardage leagues but start him in TD heavy leagues.

·       Alex Smith (vs. Detroit) - This might not happen a lot but San Fran has options and while Detroit has a good line they have a crappy secondary right now. Alex might even hit 250 yards to go with his 2-3 TDs.

·       MJD (vs. Houston) - Houston defense looks really good but Reggie Bush had about 5 yards per carry and we know MJD is miles better than Bush.

·       Darren McFadden (vs. Miami) - The Miami run defense looks great but honestly the Raiders have limited options and will get the ball to Run DMC anyway they can.

Sit Em'

·       Greg Jennings (vs. Chicago) - He is hurt and might not play. Even if he does a groin injury leaves him as a decoy at best.

·       Michael Vick (vs. Baltimore) - INT and fumble prone playing against a very fired up Ravens...uh yeah pass.

·       Chris Johnson (vs. San Diego) - Until he shows me something he is on the bench.

·       Kevin Smith (vs. San Francisco) -  A great Week 1 made me look like a genius but you DO NOT RUN against San Francisco.

·       Brandon Pettiegrew (vs. San Francisco) - Tight ends don't catch against the best LB's in the league either.

·       Hakeem Nicks (vs. Tampa Bay) - Tampa Bay looked damn good on defense and Nicks is rusty. There must be a better play on your roster.

·       Trent Richardson (vs. Cincinnati) - The rookie needs more seasoning and Cinci is going to be really mad after getting their asses handed to them last week.

·       Shonn Greene (vs. Pittsburg) - Manning torched Pittsburg last week but the line played pretty well and Greene still has a week per carry average. I would look elsewhere and expect Tebow to vulture a TD this week.

·       Michael Turner (vs Denver) - The Burner looked weak in Week 1 and the Denver linebackers played great last week. I expect the line to be very stiff and this will be an aerial show.

Comments on this week's fantasy football predictions? I always love to hear it!