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Fantastically Awesome Funny Videos of the Week

Do I need to hype this even more??! These crazy funny videos are coming out of the woodwork with everyone clamoring to get on the Manwall's list of the best stuff on the net. I do take bribes people, preferably beer and a burger for lunch...just saying...

So we have found more funny videos to amuse you during your daily grind. Some of this stuff is awesome, truly. People are either becoming more creative or insanely bored to create some of things we found. Other things are regularly put together and always make us laugh.

Without further adieu, the funny videos of the week:

Unnecessary censorship is always a classic from Jimmy Kimmel:


This is an awesome vending machine idea. Seriously our office needs one of these:

Women Drivers - nuff said:


Those crazy boys from Utah are back....I so want to party with these guys:

Good song, great chick dancing and prancing for 3 minutes:

News Bloopers from 2012, always funny: