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F*#king Meat Glue??!

Geez just then you think it is safe to order a fat steak at a nice restaurant and this news story comes along and spoils it. While it is rather ingenious, at the same time that is messed up. When I am paying top dollar I expect some top shelf cow. Not cast-off pieces that are stuck together and refrigerated all night.

Check out the crack reporting from TV WTAE Pittsburg in this clip below:

Sadly those news guys won't let us embed the video so you have to follow the link.

Thoughts on the news report:

·       Great use of "Frankensteak"

·       Why do you interview a Cattle Rancher about Meat Glue versus the Chef?

·       You think the waiter will actually admit they use glue in the steak?

·       That reporter's tie is way too busy.

·       Where can I get some of this glue to trick my friends for my next BBQ?

·       I wonder if I can add beef arms and legs to some chicken with this stuff?

·       Who wants to make 'steak men" for the next grill session?

·       Anyone want to bet that we are going to see steak with glued on meat boobs anytime soon?

So what do you think about using glue with your meat? Better than duct tape I guess, right?