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Erin Andrews versus Holly Rowe - Most Kick-Ass Sideline Reporter?

Typically when we at Manwall think of sideline reporters, our mind quickly wanders to Erin Andrews. She is a babe, a fox, she is funny, and she actually knows her football. Erin Andrews, you can do no wrong! When the big games come on it her interviews and insights we cannot wait to hear. But then Holly Rowe burst onto the scene!

For those who missed it, after the Michigan victory over Virginia Tech there was the normal mad scramble by sideline reporters to get that first interview with the winning coach. Apparently Holly has been training with some of the players because while she wasn't first on the scene, she was the one to get the interview. With a quick hip bump followed by a straight arm push, and finishing with a box-out not seen since the days of Charles Oakley - Holly secured position on Coach Brady Hoke. The look on the woman she muscled out of the way was an instant classic.

ESPN quickly squashed all the videos they could find on the matter which is disappointing because that girl showed some nice moves. I guess they aren't one to give away all the secret training methods they use to show those reports how to secure the lead on a story.

But now ESPN is in a bit of a quandary. For the next big game who are they going to use on the sidelines? Which one of these lovely ladies will be the go to girl when it matters the most? We are obviously impressed with Holly Rowe's ability to throw elbows and her 'take no prisoners' attitude. But honestly, she is kind of average. Sure Holly has a cute smile and knows some sports, but Erin Andrews is a solid 8 (which makes her a 10 when watching College Game Day).

We did a quick poll around the office and while we respect Holly Rowe's attitude, we will take Erin Andrews every time. Aside from her looks, she has that genuine smile. As far as getting the story or interview with the head coach, we are pretty confident she could just stand in place and those guys would be rushing to find her.