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Enough with Channing Tatum

Sometimes Hollywood just shoves a new star down our throats and it gets annoying. Channing Tatum is the current "it" actor that faces a little too much exposure. I'm not sure why people don't realize after a while we will get sick of seeing this person everywhere. The same thing happened with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Anna Faris just to name a few recent casualties.

Honestly I used to get Channing Tatum confused with Tatum O'Neal because that Tatum name is rather unique.

So we have Mr. Tatum and Hollywood has focus on his looks mainly, which is good because so far he hasn't shown me a lot of acting ability. Not to say he is bad but he isn't good - just middle of the road. We here at Manwall do have respect for him however because he is a self made man. He started stripping after dropping out of college under the name Chan Crawford (my new alias for the bar scene). Then he did some grunt work on a music video before modeling and commercials.

His movie roles have just really seemed to start coming at us too fast. It's hard to say not to work when the opportunity is there, but at the same time banging out 3 movies each year creates overexposure. In 2009 we had Fighting, Public Enemies, and G.I. Joe; all solid work that put him on the map. Then in 2010 it was Dear John and The Zeppelin Zoo (some artsy short film). 2011 followed with The Dilemma (funny), the Eagle, Son of No One, and Ten Year. So far in 2012 we have him in Haywire (sweet) and now The Vow opening for Valentine's Day weekend (ho-hum). Plus we get to look forward to 21 Jump Street and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (looks sweet with Bruce Willis and the Rock).

So along with the movie releases he is on The View, late night shows, and Saturday Night Live doing the press aspect. We get that stars need to push their movies, but when you have so many in a year can't you just talk about two or three at once? Also on Saturday Night Live, I know he is a good looking guy who works out, but how many times did he need to take his shirt off? You never had Pamela Anderson take her shirt off that much!

Obviously we don't care much about The Vow but will have to sit thru it for our ladies. 21 Jump Street looks like it might be funny with Jonah Hill and G.I. Joe has a pretty awesome looking cast so we are psyched for that in the summer. But between now and then can we please stop having Channing shoved at us left and right?