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Dumbest Tax Mistakes Regularly Made


Don't worry; there is still plenty of time until April 17th if you haven't turned your taxes in. But that day is drawing closer. I am sure you have all seen those idiots from Liberty Tax Service dressed up in those ridiculous Statue of Liberty costumes. You would think they would want something a little more 'upscale'.

 For those still in the phases of preparation here are a few things to be on the lookout for. As these are the dumbest tax mistakes regularly made you really want to avoid them yourselves. You hard earned money is better spent on hookers and beer instead of the IRS because you made a mistake.

·       Not Paying Your Taxes - The IRS gets a big hard-on for people who don't pay their taxes; just ask Wesley Snipes. Even people waiting until the last minute need to be sure they can find a post office that still stays open until midnight because with budget cuts there are less each year.

·       Forgetting to Sign - The nice thing about Turbo Tax and other electronic software submissions is that they force you to do all the steps. But people who go 'old school' need to sign those returns otherwise they don't count and you get a nice fat penalty.

·       Wrong SSN Number - This just FUBARs the whole damn process. Triple check that bad-boy.

·       Not Filing Electronically - Seriously if you go and use paper and a pen there is something wrong with you. Tax software is where it's at because they troll the tax code for weird little deductions. You know you are lazy and probably won't read that 300 page book you picked up from the library.

·       Paying Up - Hey look you owe the IRS - pay it!

·       Audit Checks - While the exact formula isn't known, there are general things that make a return more likely to trigger an audit. People who file any sort of Self Employment on Schedule C get an extra hard look. Make sure you check out average deductions for people in your brackets to see if you are outside the norm (unless everything is 100% legit with records then rock on my good man).

·       Fudging Your Numbers - Don't lie. It's a rule of life. Don't EVER lie to the IRS. They get weird about it and send your ass to jail.

·       Ignoring Letters from the IRS - They get touchy about being ignored and can slap a Tax Lien on your property which includes a home, car, boat, and even wages.

·       Paying with a Credit Card - Some people don't have the cash and use a credit card (which in today's world is at 15-25% interest for most of us). Horrible idea as that bill will get huge and fast. You might try for a personal loan from a credit union or bank first.

·       Using the Wrong Routing Number - This goes for that fat refund you want. Nothing like having your money go to your ex-wife or someone else!

Want some more tips? Then make sure to consult a tax expert. We are just some desk jockeys trying to provide a little useful information along with a few laughs and covering the dumbest tax mistakes regularly made.