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Don't Make Me Slap You

Thinking of trying to make a move on Will Smith at a red carpet event? Think again!

So would you slap the guy? I think I would but not just because he obviously crossed the line. Apparently that is some reporter who thinks he is a funny prankster (rumored to be Vitalii Sediuk). This guy sent flowers to Madonna (a type she hated) and now was trying to get all up in Big Willie's style (if you know what I mean).

Okay so obviously the guy really crossed a line for what a reporter should and should not do. You NEVER invade the space of the talent. You want to ask questions and get information, not cause a scene. Secondly, a kiss? Again not very cool because the guy is married and that crosses a line that all Bro's should honor - Never try and hook up with someone who is married!

But at least he got off easy. I mean Will gave him a light little backhanded push-off. That is not the same as a full open handed slap (which says "Bitch I own you") or even an Ali-like left hook. Of course Will quickly quipped he was lucky he didn't get sucker punched. Why not? You just got sucker kissed.

While we are pimping out videos of Will Smith, we decided to include this one from a recent taping of the Graham Norton Show in the UK where he goes old school for us, one more time:

Really you can't be mad at Will Smith for slapping that guy. Will is just too cool to stay angry with.