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Dog's Last Bark?

In sad news it was announced that Duane Chapman will no longer be lacing up the leathers to appear on the cult favorite Dog the Bounty Hunter reality show. How can we go on without seeing that sweet, sweet mulleted superhero rid the world of dirt bags and bail jumpers, I do not know.

There is some hope to save the Dog however! Apparently his countless fans can sign a petition to force A&E's hand on renewing the show. You can go to to sign the petition to save The Dog. The petition claims that the show has inspired and changed millions of viewers; of course only a few thousand have signed the petition so I guess the rest of those millions are busy changing and being inspired.

It's actually pretty crazy that this guy kept a show going for 8 years. Dog and his crazy family have all sorts of issues that dominate the show and then in their spare time they track down crazy dudes in wife beaters who are too stupid to avoid being captured. Hrm, actually that sounds a lot like Cops but without the same cool soundtrack; oh and he has a mullet...and leather pants.

Oh well, it was a good run for Dog and his show, called 'A popular crime-fighting series'. Really? How much crime exactly was the Dog sending to the kennel? I think A&E should do another season. Apparently Dog has gotten a bunch of death threats recently. Not that I am saying I want to see the guy killed, but having people trying to kill him does make for some must-see TV!

Well no matter what happens if you are still hankering for some dog action you can always visit his fan website, read his book, or hire him for a speaking engagement (wow can you imagine that commencement address?).

Also if any TV execs are reading this (highly unlikely, but...) I have a great idea for a new show. You take Dog the Bounty Hunter and team him up with Steven Seagal Lawman for an epic new show! They can take down dirt bags together then stop at the bar where Steven can play the blues while Dog and his lady dance the night away. Seriously people, this idea is pure gold!