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Does Pamela Anderson have the Perfect Breast Size?

A recent story broke about Snooki and fake boobs. She said she wanted to look like her best girl JWoww, who has a rather nice rack. This caused a brief water cooler discussion at Manwall which then turned into quite the heated argument. Not surprisingly the major conflict we had was how big should girls go with when implanting those fabulous melons? Who looks best? Does a blonde bombshell like Pamela Anderson have the best breasts?


Two Schools of Thought

As we lined up our finer points on the matter of breast size, it quickly became apparent that there were two schools of thought in the room; nicely proportionate and HUGE! Obviously we as men like boobs. We are fixated with them and they draw our attention like a magnet no matter where we happen to be. Honestly how many traffic accidents occur because a male driver is busy checking out a nice, bouncing rack jogging by and then he rear-ends someone?

So where is the line drawn? Should they be a solid softball size or do we move up to cantaloupe and the larger melons? How do you consider proportion? If tiny little Snooki puts in some double-D's would she tip over? Also if it is your girl or wife getting them, do you want them so big that every other guy in a 500 foot radius is drooling over them? Sure a nod of appreciation and occasional fist bump is cool, but at some point that will probably get annoying.


The Voting

To settle matters we had to go to the professionals. By that we mean pictures of hot chicks with fake boobs and then we voted on which we liked best. Yes, sometimes the work here at Manwall is excruciatingly difficult. But, we do what we have to do (often with a big smile).

Pamela Anderson - Winner winner chicken dinner! When the votes were tallied, Pam was the hands down winner. A true poster girl for many of us, she seems to be the epitome of the implant girls. She packs a solid DD Cup size. Now while some of our voters point to the cup size for bigger equals better, those who prefer proportion quickly point out that Pam is 5' 7". With those shoulders and hips, that makes for one curvaceous babe.

Tila Tequila - Internet and pin-up star (followed by crazy druken TV moments) Tila came in at a respectable second on our pole. She was a cute, flat chested little Vietnamese-American girl who decided to slap some boobs on her frame at age 18. Initial reports had her listed at only a B cup, but we 'felt' this was a bit small. Hours of investigation led to discovering her current bra size is 32 C. Now some of us were amazed because they look like a solid D in some pictures, but then once you remember that this cute pixie is a mere 4' 11" it makes sense. It is one of those 'visual illusions' when you see her in pictures.

Brooke Burke - Rounding out the top three is the lovely Miss Burke. We loved her in Playboy in 2001 and 2004. We love her now even when she does those silly shoe commercials. Honestly we love anything involving her and those wonderful 36 C's. Like Pamela, Brooke is 5' 7" but with her rocking body those 36 C's look bigger and amazingly natural (she was my vote for number one). Just a note, a round 36 C is always much better than a soft D.


Final Pole

So after the results were in we did come to a majority consensus. We like boobs! Also it was noted that while all of us enjoy size, the top vote getters were also all in relatively curvy proportion to their very lovely bodies. So Snooki, if you are listening, we at Manwall think you need some large implants that are proportionate to your little frame. You want perfect breasts like Pamela Anderson and not be a freakishly weird 'boobzilla' girl.