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Do You Watch Porn?

Jimmy Kimmel does it again with another classic one of his funny video clips. This gem is from this week and was quickly posted on to YouTube. Then it was hilariously passed around the Manwall office. Sorry but that's how we roll.

The premise is simple; ask guys if they watch porn and enjoy the reaction. Of course some guys are obviously going to be embarrassed or lie if they are with a wife or girlfriend. But the best reactions are the guys who are brutally honest.

Enjoy another one of his funny video clips:

It would be nice if people would just get over porn already. With the internet everyone watches porn. It is not a big deal. No longer is it a bunch of dirty, sticky magazines hidden under the bed. We have free porn everywhere with specialized lube just for jerking off with. Hell you can buy a portable Autoblow, Fleshlight, or one of many other toys at sites like That's right! Jerking-off has an ".org" domain name! That is pretty main stream!

If you didn't know that the internet is for porn, this video will explain it all (song from Avenue Q):

While we are touching on the subject, you need to Google the 'Autoblow'. It is kinda pricey at $100 but it makes a great Christmas gift for the lonely guy. Ladies feel free to buy one for your guy too for those nights you just don't feel like it. Hell, get him porn and make a weekend out of it!

So we all watch porn and we all masturbate. People who don't probably should. Maybe then they wouldn't be so damn uptight about everything. Sex is just like funny video clips. They make you feel good so enjoy them while you can.