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Do You Mud Run?

Guys have certain universal truths that we learned as boys and still stick with us no matter how old we get. We love mud. Getting dirty usually means we are having a good time. We think a physical challenge is something we must conquer. Finally we generally believe there is nothing we can't do given enough time, sweat, and beer.

With that in mind some guys created the concept of mud runs. Forget the 10k's or triathlons. Mud runs blow that weak stuff out of the water. I just did my first one this last weekend and it was by far the most fun I have had while pushing myself to the limit ever.

What is a Mud Run?

They are part run, part fun, part obstacle course, and part challenge. There are all sorts of different types and a lot of it depends on the sponsor/style. There is the Mud Factor, Survivor, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and of course Tough Mudder.

Generally you are running 3 to 4 miles with various challenges (about 20) placed in between. People run in waves of a few hundred starting every 15 or 30 minutes. Obstacles can be things like vaulting 5 foot a wall, crawling through small tunnels, slogging through mud pits, or anything else that is a physical challenge. Tough Mudder takes it to a higher level with a 14 mile run up a mountain and extreme challenges like 10 foot walls, jumping through fire, and the like.

It's an Event

So what is the fun in pushing yourself physically while getting covered head-to-toe in mud? Because this just isn't a simple race; it is an event. Most organizers have all sorts of kick ass stuff to do. The race I went to had 4700 people entered for just Saturday. There were food booths, DJ's spinning music, zip lines, rock climbing walls, and of course a giant beer garden for the constant victory celebration.  Most racers get a t-shirt and free beer! It was a constant flow of people with a big party atmosphere.

Oh yeah, and there are lots of girls there (most in fairly good shape) who wear very few clothes and are quickly covered in mud.

You are having a blast with a bunch of people who are doing the same thing. Camaraderie and respect is built followed by beer and a big party atmosphere. You can enter as a group, dress up in costume, and have a kick-ass time. Not to mention after you have competed together (and sometimes helped haul them up a slippery hill) the girls are much easier to chat up. Think of it as a great team-building exercise the next time some jackass in HR wants some ideas on how you can all bond better!

You Feel Fantastic

Honestly I was surprised at how much fun I had. I was grinning like an idiot most of the day after the race. Yes there was beer involved, but I was happy as a clam anyway. With my shining medal of accomplishment, mud soaked in every hole of my body, and exhausted muscles which would surely cramp up later; I was still feeling fantastic. Plus I made a whole new group of friends from a single shared experience which is pretty damn cool.

See you at the next race!