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Dive Bar Mondays

A new tradition was discovered by the staff at Manwall this last Monday. Apparently there is a local group of degenerates that started a club that is all about hitting up dive bars on Monday after work. Forget the Friday Happy Hour because this is a great new way to start the week!

So since sharing is caring we decided that everyone should know about this great idea. Of course there are general rules for Dive Bar Monday as well as proper Dive Bar Etiquette which should be shared as well. Honestly people who are used to more upscale pubs and lounges tend to get a bit lost in the dive scene if they haven't been properly informed.

Choosing a Dive Bar

Dive bars aren't usually found in the Yellow Pages. Yelp is a decent source as well as word of mouth. Honestly though the best way to find one is just to open your eyes when going to or from work. Look for that kind of shady, around the corner spot. It should have a big door with no windows. There should be a simple sign posted next to it about being 21 or older to enter. Maybe they have a single neon sign that says 'Cocktails' and hopefully there are bars over the windows. Of course the place will be open by 11am to handle the early drinking crowd.

When you go inside patrons should slowly give you the eyeball for being an obvious stranger in their midst. The place should have a general funk to it that says the cleaners took the last decade off. Of course there will be a pool table, dart board, and jukebox that have all seen better days. If you can check off all of these things then congratulations, you are in a dive bar.

Dive Bar Etiquette

·       Never order wine - If they have it you don't know how long it was open and it probably tastes like vinegar.

·       Wear casual clothes - Ideally a sports' jersey from a local team or something similar will help you fit in. No suits or fancy airs here.

·       Never Eat the Food - It doesn't matter what they have from popcorn to nuts; there have been a lot of hands in that stuff that have been who knows where.

·       Don't Eyeball - No staring at the locals or the bartender. Trust me.

·       Drinks - Order beers on tap, bottles of beer, and shots. Skip the Mojito or fancy lounge stuff. They usually have lower end extras and cheaper booze. This is a dive bar so embrace it.

·       Cut Loose - You can be loud, swear, and cut loose in a dive bar so do it. You are here from some cheap drinks and blowing off the Monday steam.

After boozing for a bit roll out and grab some grub then head for home. Unlike a nice bar or lounge you never want to get blind drunk at a dive bar. Plus it's Monday and you still have to get to work the next day. But Dive Bar Monday provides a nice goal for the start of the week which just changes the whole flavor of the day so make sure to hit a dive this Monday with your Bro's.