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Denise Richards gets some Anger Management

Truly the pull of Charlie Sheen is sometimes irresistible. Denise Richards, Charlie's estranged ex-wife, has apparently signed on to play his love interest in the new series upcoming on FX this summer.

A couple of things about this: good choice because she is still hot and good choice because she is still hot. No, that wasn't a typo. She is just that caliente!

I guess once you go Sheen it is hard to go back. Vaguely I remember the knock-down drag-out aspect of their very public break-up where she complained about his drug use, watching porn, and wanting to get freaky. But now she said, "He's in a really good place. Everything is good."

So either that means she needs a paycheck really badly or Charlie has used his charm to dazzle her again. Either way, that is still rather impressive in my opinion. I was pretty stoked to see this show already and now Anger Management has fallen into the must watch area of my DVR priorities.

So to honor the news we here at Manwall have collected a brief gallery of Denise in all of her wonderfulness. Of course there is the ultimate Wild Things picture among the rest. Gentlemen, enjoy!