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Death to Hipsters!

Some days you just see a picture and a feeling of "wrongness" overcomes you so much that you feel the need to vomit or loosen your bowels. This often occurs for me when I see hipsters. It is doubly so when I see the "hipster-elites" like this picture of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.

First let's bash hipsters then we can move to too ripping into LeBron, his purse, and Dwayne Wade.

So why do hipsters need to die? Because they are walking hypocrites. Typically a hipster is defined as; a twenty-thirty something that is into counter-culture, indie rock, creativity, and independent thinking. While ideally it is a state of mind it seems to be expressed via fashion. They are supposed to be 'edgy' and 'effortlessly cool' in the clothes that they wear. But if it is supposed to be independent and effortless then why do so many of them look like they spent so much time putting together these outfits and all generally look the same?  How counter is it to simply join a particular style regardless of if that style is supposed to be style-less? Hypocrites!

Now LeBron and Wade are the worst kind of hipster - the fashionably hip. Did James takes his talents to South Beach or was he really just eying the runway and closet expansion possibilities compared to only wearing heavy coats in the cold world of Cleveland?

Here is what I have a problem with for hipster guys. First, as men we generally like to be comfortable. Second, we are lazy and like to keep it simple. That is why we generally wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts because it meets our primary wants; plus we look good in that or just jeans and a shirt. Now in my mind these hipsters have gone metro-sexual wild and are spending "female-like" time in preparation with extra shopping trips for these trendy clothes plus putting the outfit together. On top of that, if I had a physique like either James or Wade I certainly wouldn't try to Poindexter that shit up.

Yes on Wade the skin tight sweater is cool; it shows off the body. But the skinny jeans, pointy shoes, and all the other stuff that turns you into a funky looking stick figure? Forget it. Is that a belt with jewels on it Dwayne? Plus how comfortable are skinny jeans? There is no damn room for your package! The chin beard is fine because we men have a long standing love of facial hair. The giant square glasses when you have 20-20 vision is just plain stupid. Oh, and LeBron, a purse? Really? Really...

So in general hipsters are rather annoying and the fashion trend they have influenced to some of our favorite NBA stars is just horrific. You never saw Michael Jordan in skinny jeans.