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Dancing With the Stars - The Manwall Guide

Of course you are clicking on this article because you are very curious. Is Manwall actually endorsing watching Dancing With the Stars? Are you kidding me? That show is so not what the Manwall demographic goes for. And yet, it is.

We at Manwall appreciate hot ladies. That is one of our core focus areas because 1) we are men and 2) you our viewers are mostly men. That is why we have decided that we need to start watching Dancing With the Stars.

Ideally this show would feature more hot ladies like the entire Pussycat Dolls line-up instead of just Nicole Scherzinger. But, the TV producers feel that the show has to have a specific line-up that features one hot woman, a sports star (preferably NFL), one washed up soap star, one grown up child star, one comedic presence, a musician or two,  and a few miscellaneous B level talents entertainment. So let's see who we actually care about watching and why.


1.     Maria Menounos - The number one reason to watch this show is for Maria. She has been featured as one of our hot ladies before and we will gladly tune in each week if she is dancing. She has got the body, the smile, and the personality to keep us captivated.

2.     Donald Driver - The Don was a serious NFL player and Super Bowl champion who is one hell of an athlete. We always root for the sports stars to kick ass even in a dance competition. Plus Donald is lucky enough to have Australian hottie, Peta Murgatroyd on his arm. Heavens to Murgatroyd what I would like to with her!

3.     Jaleel White - Hell yes we want to see Urkel bust out some moves. He has worked hard to remind us that he is not geeky like Urkel so I expect some serious action when he teams up with super Kym Johnson who has won the event with Hines Ward and Donny Osmond as well as a second with Joey 'Fat Tony' Fatone.

4.     Katherine Jenkins - I had no idea who the hell she was but her pictures making me think she belongs in the hot ladies section. She is a UK singer with gorgeous eyes and some really!

5.     Gavin DeGraw - We actually like some of his songs but don't expect much on the dance floor from this guy. Let's face it, except for Timberlake most of the pop singers can't dance much. At least he has Karina "Iced" Smirnoff as his partner.

6.     Melissa Gilbert - She is a tossup for us. On one hand we used to have a serious thing for her, but on the other she is getting kind of old. We will split the difference and consider Melissa a nice addition to the line-up.

7.     Jack Wagner - Great name! He has been a soap stud for a few decades and that's cool. Find your niche and have women drooling over you for 30 years is great in our book. He has drawn the ginger Anna Trebunskaya who has been to the finals finishing 2nd place twice.

8.     Roshon Fegan - He is like a slightly older version of Justin Bieber being a triple threat Disney product that ABC shoved on the show for more face time and to hopefully draw more young screaming girls to watch the show. He gets paired with young Chelsie Hightower who was a finalist from another ABC show, So You Think You Can Dance. It's like a double product placement win!

9.     Maria Navratilova - Ah and we have the resident gay contestant that seems to now be required to cause a stir with various religious groups. Maria is this year's Chaz Bono.

10. Gladys Knight - Ho hum. She is an icon and can sing but that is about it for her. No Pips? No love.

11. Sherri Shepherd - We are shocked if you are actually reading this part of the list. We just don't care about a woman from The View regardless of how nice and funny she is supposed to be.

12. William Levy - We care even less about the 'Latin Hottie' than anyone else. How the hell are you a Latin Hottie with the last name Levy...isn't that a Jewish name? Oh well, we have eye candy with our hot ladies so I guess the wives should get some too.