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Classically Funny Video Clips of the Week

Are these classically funny? How the hell do I know? Honestly at the end of the week I am lucky if I can focus long enough between playing games on Facebook and looking at the clock for the 5 o'clock Friday Happy Hour to string together a coherent sentence. Thank god for auto-correct! Hey, oddly enough we have a whole song about that (auto-correct, not me getting shit-faced at happy hour...I deleted that video...I think...) in this week's edition of Funny Video Clips of the Week.

So gentlemen, stop fondling your flagpole to porn for a few minutes and try a little change of pace. Let us laugh together at the assembled mash-up of funny video clips that will fire some much needed endorphins into your system. Even if you don't think they are "classically funny" that is just too damn bad because it's 4:55!

Just kidding...these are pretty funny video me...

Let us start with a staple of the routine in the form of "Unnecessary Censorship" from our pal Jimmy Kimmel:


Whoa this one is a classic! We have "Classic Movie Insults" with a lot of NSFW language:


Here is another classic with "Zach Galifianakis Destroys Heckler" from a stand-up show a few years ago:

The boys are back with "Gentlemen's Response #10":


Last but not least we have the earlier promised "Hilarious Auto-Correct Song":