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Chrissy Teigen - SI Swimsuit Break-Out Star

You know even after looking through hundreds of hot photos of hot girls we can still be amazed. It is hard (oh so hard) work to be sure, but the staff here at Manwall takes great pride in making sure we look over the entire SI Swimsuit photo shoot. Often times when we do we see a girl that captured so well that we must name her our break out model of the issue.

Usually this one particular woman will just shine a little brighter than all the other hot girls in the shoot. We find ourselves again and again going back to her hot photos for another peek because she looks that good.

So enjoy the slideshow!

And for those who want to know a little more we compiled a little bio on sweet Chrissy. She is 26 years old and stands just over 5 foot 8. Her background is a mix of Norwegian and Thai which accounts for her great bone structure and exotic looks. Her career launched as an IGN Model back in 2004 and she has been seen in Maxim, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Victoria's Secret. 2010 was her initial debut with SI and she was named Rookie of the Year and was also in last year's issue.

Enjoy the hot photos and look forward to more articles featuring hot girls here on Manwall!