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Charlize Theron - Still Hot with a Shaved Head

We are just going to throw this right out there; Charlize Theron is freaking hot! She always makes the hot girls list here at Manwall. Aside from being a damn fine actress, the woman has a great sense of humor, a wonderful personality, and of course is freaking hot!

In Snow White and the Huntsman not only was she freaking me out with her evil stepmother acting, but she was also creating full wood as she stepped out of her milk bath wearing nothing but a thin sheen of milk. Yeah, that was a great scene. She wasn't quite as evil in Prometheus, but is still looking fine in those tight spacesuits. Really, she looks good no matter what she is doing.

So now she has been spotted with a shaved head. Most hot girls can't pull this look off, but Charlize is still sexy for two reasons. One, she did it to film the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy which is awesome. Two, she is still hot without that long blonde hair.

This French-German model will also be working on Hancock 2 after she finishes up Mad Max. Talk about a guy's dream. Not only is she rather amazing but she keeps staring in movies we love. On top of all that she is single!

So in honor of the lovely Miss Theron we shall include her in the hot girls of the month and provide this gallery for your enjoyment. If anyone knows Charlize please let her know about this incredible honor that I am bestowing on her and also that I am available as well (call me!).