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Charlize Theron's Sex Tape

Oh yeah baby! We have exclusive footage from Charlize Theron's leaked sex tape! That's right, Manwall is your number one news leader and we have totally scooped this story so.....wait...what? It was an April Fool's joke? Oh that just sucks.

Well on the bright side it is always cool when a hot babe has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to make fun of herself as well as other women. Actually it is shockingly refreshing! Plus this one funny movie, but see for yourself.

Okay admittedly it got a little weird in the end. But it was still funny. Just to appease all of you (and us) we are adding another video of Charlize that emphasizes her hotness. This one isn't an actual Charlize Theron sex tape, but it is the best we could find.

There, all better? Yeah we are too.

Charlize Theron sex tape