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Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Problem

How great is Charlie Sheen? He actually pitched a show to the president of FX without even having a script. Who the hell gets away with that these days? Charlie Sheen, of course!

The show will be Anger Management, based off of the movie with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Charlie will take on Jack's role as the oddball therapist. Typecasting? Just a little bit. "Funny and complicated and I think the character he ought to be playing at this point -- somebody with a checkered past but pretty self aware," said FX president John Landgraf. Yup, that sounds a lot like our favorite 'winner'.

Honestly everyone at Manwall is pretty psyched for the Anger Management show with him. What is not to love? The man has shown that he can entertain over the years. Plus his personal life is always crazy as hell. When you add to that a comedy show that will play on FX, with those "relaxed" cable TV guidelines, then we are looking at a golden opportunity.

FX already has a slate of great shows like Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and American Horror Story that push the bar for creative language, situations, and action for a cable network - and we love it! Now they are adding an alcoholic drug addict who chain smokes while drinking tiger's blood and banging hookers. Actually that also sounds like a good show idea if Anger Management tanks.

But back to Charlie Sheen and Anger Management; forget needing a pilot episode with strong feedback. We got Sheen, some episode outlines, and...well....Charlie Sheen again. He should be a big enough draw to get a good audience on the first episode as it is.

The only real concern is of reports that Charlie has been more contained and mellow in recent years. Who knows if this is a good thing or not as the character he will portray in Anger Management seems to be more oddball than mellow. But either way we will be tuning in. Set your DVRs for June and let's hope Charlie hasn't sobered up too much that he lost all of his good mojo!