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Celebrating Sofia Vergara's Triumphant Return!

Yes! Super hot and sexy Sofia Vergara is back! By that we mean back to being single. After dumping boyfriend Nick Loeb, the Family Matters vixen took a palette cleansing trip to Anguilla to help clear her head. As glad as we were to hear this, even more wonderful was the picture she uploaded of herself rocking that nice bikini body!

We all know that Sofia Vergara is one of those hot ladies that tons of Manwall readers would love to spend some quality time with. Even at 39 she is 'en fuego' and the fact that she is a MILF probably only heightens her hotness.

So what do we usually do here at Manwall when presented with any information on one of our favorite hot ladies? We collect a bunch of hot photos for a gallery of course! This soccer mom, Covergirl, Emmy winning, Three Stooge villainess always seems to look sexy as hell (the camera, and everyone on the 4th floor in this office loves her) and really the hardest thing is picking our favorites of all the great and sexy photos of her.

But, we did the best we could. It was a grueling process that took many hours; in the end we think the results speak for themselves.  

Side note (that I made to all of the hot ladies): Sofia, if you need a shoulder to cry on, or any other parts of my body for anything...I'm here for you.