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Cat Daddy Mania!

If you have been missing all of the Cat Daddy action on the internet then I feel really sorry for you. But have no fear, Manwall is here!

To bring you up to speed....super hottie Kate Upton released a sexy video of herself doing a dance to the song Cat Daddy yesterday. Some of you may have noticed how slow and laggy the internet was in the afternoon as millions upon millions of men stopped what they were doing for Uptontime (it will catch on just like me).

Here is that sexy video. Warning: those with weak hearts should tread carefully because Kate Upton does jiggle a lot.

Not to be out done, super hottie Melanie Iglesias grabbed a friend (Lisa Ramos) and posted her own sexy video to Cat Daddy. Words cannot describe properly how much we enjoyed this routine other than to say 'wooohaaaa'.


...and now I know all the lyrics to Cat Daddy by heart. Don't worry, if you are reading this then you probably do to. Thank you to Kate Upton and Melanie Iglesias for making our day that much better.