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Casa de mi Padre!


The new Will Ferrell flick opens this Friday and we here at Manwall could not be more stoked. While not all of his movies can be considered comedy legend, you have to hand it to Will - he never holds back. If he thinks something is funny then he puts everything he has into it.

It doesn't matter if he is being George W. Bush, Ron Burgundy, or Ricky Bobby. In every role Will grabs the character and tries to play it as funny as possible. We here at Manwall respect that. Of course we also like that he includes some hot ladies in each of his flicks as well. Christina Applegate, Leslie Bibb, and Amy Adams are just a few of the hot ladies who this funnyman has been lucky enough to star along side.

In this movie he decides to play one of the Alvarez brothers who are at war with a Mexican drug lord. I guess that isn't any worse than when Hollywood would cast white actors to play Hispanic or Asian characters in movies. Aside from Will, there is a matter of his hot lady co-star, Genesis Rodriguez. If Will is not on his game then we will be fully satisfied enjoying her performance.

For those not familiar, Genesis Rodriguez is one of Manwall's hot ladies that we mentioned months ago when she was seen in Man on a Ledge. The lovely vixen is back and just as sexy as before. So to honor Will, Genesis, and his new movie we decided to include a gallery of our favorite images.

Of course we will teak a break from March Madness and go watch Will (and Genesis) this weekend. Laughter is the best medicine (after beer) for those upset games that throw off your damn brackets.