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California Housing Prices Force Local Man to Go Native

Yeah, things have gotten pretty bad with the economy, especially in California. Before the real estate melt-down buying any sort of house on the west coast was damn near impossible. But now with so many people unemployed and stricter lending practices it is even worse.

Case in point, Robert Downs was unable to find suitable housing for himself in Sunland area of California. The 51-year old was eventually forced to go native.

Well at least, that is how I like to think of it. In actuality Downs is considered homeless. But instead of sleeping under a bridge like a troll he used some good old American ingenuity. The man built a sweet cabin in a wildlife sanctuary! Hell yeah!

Seriously, this guy was a genius making a small one room cabin with four bunk beds (gotta host a sleepover!), tables, and shelves. He was also very safety conscious as he include fire extinguishers in the design.

The 'piece de resistance' was the outdoor rock patio with a barbeque grill. Since he is a patriot there was an American flag draped over his bed as well as at the door. Thinking only of keeping the preserve as natural as possible he made sure to camouflage the residence so it would blend in more naturally.

The guy does damn good work as he lived there for a year without anyone noticing. Glad to know the local Sheriff's office does such a bang-up job patrolling public lands!

The hilarious thing is that he would have gotten off with a wrist slap had he not grown a small pot garden next to the house. Even in California, without a permit to grow weed you face some charges that will probably lead to jail time. Plus he is losing his awesome cabin in the woods.

I bet he was the most popular homeless dude in town with that sweet set-up.