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Burning Love - The Man's Answer to the Bachelor

It's no secret that I like the Bachelor. That is always a strange admission from a guy especially when made to other guys. But the reason I like it is because it is a show we can have the ladies watch while us guys are catching NBA playoff action or watching the Stanley Cup Finals.

But now I like it for another reason; the Burning Love spoof produced by Ben Stiller.

Basically the plot involves a fireman as he searches for the perfect woman. But this time we get to see how things would be if people acted how they really are. Our hero is a bit goofy and doofy. Each woman has some sort of oddball problem. Plus they mock the Bachelor at every turn. The cast is fairly impressive featuring Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, and even Ben Stiller in the first episode. There are some other 'known' actresses as in you know you have seen them in sitcoms but just can't place their names.

I have no idea why or how the video series is getting picked up only on Yahoo but so far they have 3 episodes in the can. Maybe they are hoping to get Comedy Central to pick up a full season of the stuff. Who knows?

So why should you watch this? Well honestly you should tune in because it's pretty damn funny for an 8 minute video movie. Each girl has a crazy quirk such as Natasha Leggero who never wears any pants. Hey was that Ken Jeong in drag?

Here is the first episode:


If you like this one you can catch up on the rest of Burning Love on Yahoo.