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Budweiser Takes the Award for Best Super Bowl Commercials

The game is sometimes secondary to the funny video clips produced by the ad agencies each year as the try to tempt us to buy their wares. The Super Bowl is one of those special events that most people won't TiVo or pause to later fast-forward though the commercials. Because if the game sucks then we generally fall back on the creative geniuses that bring us these funny video clips. So who took the cake this Sunday?

Hands down the top two funny video clips belonged to Budweiser. The first video was a masterpiece about the return from prohibition.


It starts slowly like an old movie detailing the breaking news. Then as the story unfolds, epic music starts to play. As the tempo increases the classic Clydesdales appear as the crowd grows. This was so god damn patriotic I would have drank a Budweiser if I had one (and I don't even like that beer). It was like watching a commercial that was celebrating our Independence or some other monumental day in history. Damn.


Budweiser followed it up with a second gem.

Again they set the tone through history to show how ingrained this beer is to our culture and way of life. If something good happened then by George you were drinking Budweiser at the time!


Last but not least is a great bit by Audi.

At first I was like, great more freakin' vampires. Seriously? But then Audi turned it nicely leaving me laughing my ass off. Well played Audi, well played.


Overall it was a pretty good game and some decent commercials. Nothing that was lights out, but enough funny video clips to keep a man entertained between dip refills and hitting the bathroom during timeouts. Sometimes my friends, that is all you can ask for on a Sunday.