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Bro Buzz: Is Pinterest for Men?

For those who don't follow social networks, especially female-geared social networks, you might not have heard of the site Pinterest. It is a girl-haven for all things cute, crafty, and recipe related. We aren't going to bag on you if you are a dude who likes Pinterest, but for most of the loyal Manwall readers that site is about as useful to us as soft-porn movies on Cinemax. Luckily some of our wise male brethren have made clones of this popular site that are affectionately called Pornterest sites.

Basically Pinterest is Reddit for women, which is a justified conclusion based on the fact that 97% of Pinterest's Facebook fans are women.

Making sure to take advantage of the fairly good layout and concepts behind the program, Pinterest-porn clones have been popping up which in turn has caused a lot of male boners to pop up. The beauty behind these sites is a combination of variety, beauty, and simplicity. There are a few subtle differences aside from the nudity versus crafts subject matter such as instead of "pinning" something you like, users "snatch it".

We even found a few other good guy-pin sites that are worth a visit because man cannot survive on porn alone.

Top Pinterest Clones for Dudes

It goes without saying some of these are completely NSFW sites, but we will say it anyway.

·       Snatchly - The original joined the lovely so you get a redirect by going there. I promise once you pop over and see what the buzz is about you will become a regular visitor. The variety of beautiful women, many who are the girl next door, is staggering and just flat out bonertastic. Yes it is a lot of stills and vines, but after all the porn we have all watched this is a refreshing change of pace.

·       Pornterest - The original also now re-directs to as well.

·       Pinsex - This is a fantastic site that is easily as good if not better than Snatchly. It certainly has a bit more mainstream adult style content but well worth a visit in your spare time with the door locked and a bottle of lotion.

·       Punchpin - This is a solid entry which is only slightly NSFW. There are plenty of stunning women and little else. A man could do worse than passing time at

·       Manteresting - Interesting things for guys. Sadly there is no actual porn here but some babes and an awful lot of cool stuff can be found at

·       Gentlemint - This is another interesting site that is a bit more metro than other sites. However there are plenty of useful tidbits such as How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator at

While most guys won't appreciate the stuff on Pinterest, you will probably enjoy some of the wonderful clone sites like Pornterest, Snatchly, Punchpin and the like. It is so much more convenient than leafing through a stack of old Playboys and a hell of a lot more addictive.