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Brandon Jacobs shows how it should be done

Sometimes a story comes out that makes you feel one way and then more information comes out and you flip sides on what you thought. That was completely the case with the story of Brandon Jacobs and the boy who sent him his $3.36 in hopes that it would help him re-sign with the Giants.

The news story gained quick traction because anything involving a kid and sports like that is always received well by the media. But then we don't hear a peep from Brandon Jacobs which makes him seem a bit like a jerk. Really, doesn't he care about his fans; even now that he signed a contract with San Francisco?

Well more light was shined on the story and we find that the kid's mom sent the letter to the wrong address but when Jacobs finally got it in the beginning of June he shared it on Twitter and told the world it made him cry. Then in true 'good guy' fashion he arranged to have a playdate set up with the kid and his brother this last week while he was in town packing up to move out west. Jacobs rented a bounce house and along with his own son went buck wild playing with young Joseph and his brother for a couple hours.

On top of all that, Jacobs paid the kid back his money with a finski netting the kid a solid return on his investment.

You know, with all the negative crap you hear about sports athletes who are all ego and selfish, stories like these really give you hope that not everyone who plays a game for millions of dollars in salary is a douche bag. In fact, some guys seem to really get it. Brandon Jacobs just earned himself at least one more fan by being a good guy to that little fan.

Nice job Bro, nice job!