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Brad's Funny Movie

Alright I ran across this video on YouTube and felt it needed some sharing. This kid from Berkeley, who I will guess is an engineering student, decided to make his dorm room into a slacker haven. He gave it the name BRAD to stand for Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm which really drives home the guess of him being an engineer.

Really the kid has some genius in here. I am guess this is a project he will try and score credits on or he is a true freshman and has never been laid because the room is missing a few things. I titled this a funny movie because we did make fun of him and our guesses about whether the time spent on the room should have been spent picking up college girls. The curtains, lights, and music options are all pretty tight. I dig the black light and disco ball options. But I did not see any sort of pimp options.

Really he needs some Marvin Gaye, volcano lamps, and an auto-locker for his door to kick this room up to ridiculous. Maybe add in a mini fridge with a robot arm to pour some champagne or grab a few beers...I mean sodas since this is on campus housing.

Plus the dude needs a robot maid because what's the point of all that automation if you leave the dirty towels and socks all over the place. The remote smart phone idea is tight though. If you are on your way back with a chick you can set the mood in the room as well as send an electric shock to your Bro's bed alerting him that he NEEDS to be elsewhere for awhile.

Check out the full funny movie here and tell us what you think:

What would you add to crank this room up to ridiculous levels?