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Bored at Work?

Sometimes when cruising the Internet I am simply amazed at some of the funny video clips I run across. Let's look at this gem of things to do when you are really bored at work. Now to start with, give the guy props for not only taking the labels off the beer bottles but also to not leave anything in the shots to identify who it is or where it is taking place.

The next thing to note in this funny video clip is that all three beers are empty. So obviously he was bored and now out of beer. Thus it makes perfect sense that you fire up the ole Bobcat and start seeing what you can do for entertainment.

Let's watch him in action.

It's not the best we've seen but still makes into our funny video clips file. It is rather creative for using a Bobcat.

To top the day off just right you take that video and go waste another few hours in the office editing and adding a sweet title screen with 'Bobcat Ninja' on it. Maybe he found some more beers in the office because the words Bobcat and Ninja should really be nowhere near each other. Can the Bobcat appear from thin air? Can it scale a flat wall? Does it wear black pajamas and run around with a sword? I think not.

However at the end of the day we are giving this guy some solid props for keeping himself, and us, entertained for just a little bit during the day. You go Bobcat Ninja.