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Betty White - A National Treasure

Word came out that Betty White is going to be roasted by the Friars Club in May. Unlike the Comedy Central Roasts, the Friars Club Roast actually means something special and isn't just a ratings grab for B level stars and mid-level comedians.

People like Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Jerry Lewis, and Billy Crystal have been roasted by the Friars Club. Comedy Central, on the other hand, has an illustrious list of people such as Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff, William Shatner, and Charlie Sheen as previous recipients of a roast.

Even after all these years Betty White still rocks. It is like she is even cooler now than she was twenty years ago. From the Facebook campaign to get her on SNL as the host to some of those funny commercials she has been in lately; it seems like Betty can do no wrong. Everyone from Slash to Jeezy wants to hang out with her and she gets more offers for roles in Hollywood that people 1/3 her age.

Sometimes I wish we had something as illustrious as knighting people like the Brits can do. It is a pretty big honor (or least it used to be) and then you get the cool pre-title of 'Sir' or 'Dame' so everyone knows how awesome you are. Honestly, 'Sir' has so much more moxie than even 'Doctor'. Can you imagine how much more tail you would get after you let a lady know you were knighted? We are talking some serious 'damsel in distress' fantasies being met there!

But we have gotten off track...back to Betty White! Unfortunately now that Comedy Central does their own roasts (they used to televise the Friars roasts) we will miss out on this special event. Betty has warned the roasters already that she has 90 years of comebacks ready to use and I for one will be sad not to have a chance to hear them.

Maybe we should start a Manwall petition to have the Friars Club start live streaming their roasts. Even an old school club like that can take a page from the modern book. After all, it's all about the entertainment!