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Best Sports Feuds of All Time

In the wake of the recent flare-up of the Vicente Padilla - Mark Teixeira spat, I decided it was time to look at the best sports feuds of all time. Feuds and fights in sports are natural. When you put too many alpha dog competitors in a small area then someone is bound to get bit now and again. Honestly it is surprising that it doesn't happen more often. Probably the fact that grown men get paid millions of dollars to play games consoles them enough to tone it down.

Best Sports Feuds of All Time (in no particular order)

·       Vicente Padilla and Mark Teixeria - These guys do not like each other. It all stems from a game in 2005 when Tex hammered a pair of longballs off Padilla who then plunked Tex. Two other times after that he hit Teixeria as well. The bad blood was still evident when Padilla later joined Texas and Mark threatened to hit him with a bat. Of course it looks like Mark is up in the feud with his big triple to help the Yankees beat Boston this last week.

·       Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras - While Pete was the king of tennis winning majors and money, Andre was a wild card player who won fans with his personality. While no slouch on the court, Agassi couldn't quite match up to Sampras's Grand Slam record but they had some memorable matches. You would have never realized how much they didn't like each other over the years but it all spilled out during a charity match when they started trading insults and then Sampras fired off a fastball serve at Agassi.

·       Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent - These guys made a great 1-2 punch for the Giants in the 90's. Kent called out Bonds for being a prissy diva and had no problem letting everyone know he didn't like Bonds and his ego. While not a gentleman, Kent was a good teammate to most while Bonds was not. Bonds was recently quoted as saying he never helped teammates with hitting tips because he didn't want to share his secrets in case they later played against him.

·       Robin Ventura and Nolan Ryan - This feud actually is now officially over as Ventura (skipper for the Chi Sox) shook hands with Ryan (Texas president) but when it happened it was epic. Ryan tossed an inside fastball at Ventura that plunked him in the ribs (and probably hurt like hell). Ventura charged the mound to teach that pitch a lesson but then Nolan went Bob Barker on Robin like he was Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore and roughed him up.

·       New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox - The fans hate each other, the players crack on each other all the time, and of course there are plenty of brawls and episodes over the years you can talk about. This feud is one that will probably never go away which is great because it makes those games so much more exciting!

·       Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger - The old guard sometimes gets a stick up their ass about youngsters who don't earn stripes the same way they did. Apparently Bradshaw gave Ben some 'fatherly' advice about life in the NFL and how his behavior reflected on his team, the city, and himself. Big Ben nodded his head and ignored Terry. After that Bradshaw used his broadcasting chair to bash Ben for being an idiot and not listening. Game on!

·       Terrell Owens and His QB - It didn't matter who it was (except Steve Young), if you threw the ball to T.O. eventually his special form of crazy would come out. Jeff Garcia was gay (even tho his WAG, Playboy Playmate Carmella DeCesare would beg to differ), McNabb choked, Romo loved his tight-end too much...oye.

·       Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas - Bad blood was created in some very memorable battles in the Eastern Conference playoffs between the Bulls and Pistons. From there his Airness kept Thomas off the 92 Dream Team (ooooooh that's gotta hurt). It got worse from there until Thomas retired. I get the feeling these two guys won't be playing golf anytime soon.

·       Kobe and Shaq - Now that Shaq is retired they can probably get along like you do with your ex-wife's ex-boyfriend (you have stuff in common but...). When they played together it was a love-hate relationship. When the band broke up and Shaq took his talents to South Beach it was a hate-hate relationship. Now it's just two dudes who used to play magically together.

·       Duke and North Carolina - Even though Sox and Yankees are on a bigger stage, nothing gets more serious than NC and Duke in college. Between the coaches, fans, and players it seems like every game is down to the last few minutes. These guys play for dominance in North Carolina, in the ACC, and then in the NCAA tourney every single year. At least with normal inter-state rivalries like Cubs and ChiSox, one team sucks some of the time.