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Best of Both Worlds - Dating and Golf?


Ever think to yourself, where can a single guy who loves golf go to meet a woman who loves to play with a putter too? Well, apparently you aren't alone with those thoughts; or at least, not as alone as you thought.

Welcome to the world of golf dating!

Some crazy bastards thought up the idea of! Why? Their slogan is that, "Golf: The Perfect First Date."

At first I was skeptical. Obviously golf is a passion for some people and sharing that passion sounds like a good idea. Honestly I was a bit worried about the quality of ladies that might be on the site. Was this going to be a weird "mail order bride" scenario with fake women trying to scam you or a bunch of Par-4's that have golf as their biggest positive attribute?

But what the hell, I fired up the search option and prepared for the worst. Holy crap, the results were not what I expected! The array of ladies was fairly wide in regards to style and location but one thing was fairly consistent...these women all seemed pretty attractive and some have much better handicaps than me.

Talk about role reversal, now I get to have the girl behind me showing me how its', "all in my hips"!

The site seems pretty basic with free profiles as well as a pay aspect. Plus you have a pretty large number of sexual innuendos you can make with golf terminology and women.

But honestly, let's look at the possible benefits of a golf date. If you both like golf then it is a shared interest and provides a topic of conversation. Generally speaking golf is a social occasion and provides plenty of time to talk as well as breaks while you tee up which would help prevent uncomfortable silences. You have a good 3 to 4 hours together which provides ample time to learn about each other. Also you can totally check out her 'form' and it's not considered rude.

Also a little competition can be fun to add some spice to the date. Loser buys dinner?

Okay, now I am sold. This idea is awesome. So gentlemen, if you enjoy golf and are looking for a date maybe you should check out Golfmates. I think they have a sister site for tennis as well if you are more of a racket and balls sort of dude. Either way more opportunity to meet girls is always a good thing and as most Bro's know, you don't turn down any sort of chance to meet the ladies.