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Best NCAA Bracket Pool Ever

News just came out that "The Man" put the smack down on its first bracket pool. Poor Max Kohll was just trying to have a normal bracket challenge like everyone at the office has. It was a simple set-up with a $5 entry fee and half the pot going to the winner with second and third getting paid as well.


So why did this pool get squished out of all the illegal gambling done across the U.S. during this time of the year? Well it probably had to do with him being in the 5th Grade and I guess he forgot to give the Principal a few free entries to grease the palm.


How bad is gambling on the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Estimates put it at $2.5 billion dollars of wagering go into the tournament. That is just counting the illegal bets. Holy taco!


On top of that with so many people involved in pools (about 60% of all workers) you can expect that are productivity goes in the tank for the first few rounds before the bracket pretenders are weeded out. That is just amazing. People say baseball is America's pastime and Football is our favorite sport, but it sure seems like the NCAA Tournament is our favorite gambling pastime. So if Todd in Accounting is getting back to you as fast as he usually does, now you know why.


Now back to poor Max. We aren't sure if he just got detention or not. Who knows if his Dad laughed or reprimanded him. But what we do know is that everyone here at Manwall is giving this young Bro a virtual fist-bump for getting a bracket pool going at the Elementary School level. Rock on Max, rock on.