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Best Hollywood Boobs

A recent discussion around the water cooler turned into a very serious argument, which then almost resulted in some serious UFC action in the conference room. See, here at Manwall we take a few things very seriously; one of those is a discussion of boobs.

In the case of this discussion we were all about girls from Hollywood and their boobs. There was quite debate raging over which set of boobs is more bonerific. We decided to settle things like men and take an office poll. They general guidelines for submission to this list was that the girl in question must have at least one notable role in a movie or TV show to classify herself as having 'Hollywood Boobs'. That means a lot of models without screen credits do not get the nod.

We also are skipping out on strippers and porn stars because they deserve a category of their own.

The Best Hollywood Boobs

10. Elizabeth Hurley - She was boobalicious in Austin Powers along with some other appearances. Seriously, who could ever get enough of those puppies?

9.  Jenny McCarthy - This vote goes in from when Jenny had her first set of implants because that was some great work. She looked fairly natural and combined with her personality those were great boobs!

8.  Christina Hendricks - She makes Mad Men what it is with a classic set of boobs that are supposedly 100% real. Jon Hamm is one lucky bastard to get to see those pillow puppies on set so often.

7.  Salma Hayek - All natural and timeless. It seems like the older she gets, the sexier her rack looks.

6.  Eva Mendes - OMG yes yes yes! Sometimes this girl seems like she needs to tape those girls down so they don't pop out.

5.  Jessica Simpson - Who cares about her music career and reality TV stuff; let's go back to that memorable Dukes of Hazard remake (which was awful as a movie) and remember her playing Daisy Dukes.

4.  Jennifer Love Hewitt - J-Love has always had outstanding knockers. Even as her weight fluctuated over the years those marvelous mammaries have managed to remain true.

3.  Kate Upton - She makes the list by her recent Three Stooges and Tower Heist appearances. That girl has some great boobs.

2.  Sofia Vergara - It is hard to put her in the number two spot because those are some luscious Latin melons. She is number one on my motorboat wish list.

1.  Pamela Anderson - What can you say about these beauties? Yes they are cosmetic but wow the work is exceptional!

Honorable mentions go to Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Katie Perry, Charlize Theron, Katherine Heigl, Megan Fox, and Alive Eve.