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Best Boobs of 2013 Kate Upton Hot Pics Rated #1 for ManWall

Kate Upton is easily one of the hottest girls on the planet, but it is most certainly her amazing boobs that have helped propel her popularity. As good as 2012 was for Kate and her boobs, this year seems to be going even better with her fabulous fun bags literally shutting down websites on certain days do to overload when new pics are posted. So with that in mind, does Kate Upton have the best boobs of 2013?

Now not everyone is enrolled at KatieU with a double major in defying gravity. Some guys aren't that enamored with her, noting that her legs and backside don't quite measure up to her front half from the waist up. We won't argue that point (although admittedly you might want to visit a shrink) as this discussion focuses solely on her bountiful bosom; although it is worth mentioning that Kate Upton was named Model of the Year for 2013 which attests to her hotness.

Just stop and look at those we have to even ask...your eyes are attracted to them like a magnet and why not? They are all natural with a great shape and excellent size, ideal for grabbing or motor-boating. Easily they have one of the best jiggle-factors we have ever seen at Manwall and of course they look like the kind of spot a guy could rest you get the idea.

For all those reasons we feel that Kate Upton does have the best boobs of 2013. That isn't to say she hasn't faced some solid competition this year.

Top Boobs of 2013

·       Kate Upton - Her boobs are a national treasure and anyone who disagrees needs to see the "titty cam" footage from the SI Swimsuit Issue.

·       Lucy Pinder - English chicks have some amazing racks and Lucy is certainly the top of that line. She is in high demand for magazine and calendar shoots because of her D-sized cannons.

·       Brooklyn Decker - Before Kate there was Brooklyn and her magnificent rack that landed her a starring role in Just Go With It and Battleship (which barely made it watchable). Andy Roddick is one lucky guy to rest his head on those pillows at night.

·       Christine Marie-Lemaster - If you don't know the name, you soon won't forget it. She has the perfect softball sized set of eye-catchers.

·       Rhian Sugden - Blonde Bombshell? International Model? Great Boobs? Yes...yes...and oh god yes!!

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this very important topic. There are still a few months left for us to judge the best boobs of the year, but for now it appears that Kate Upton has a firm hold on winning the Manwall Golden Globes award. But there are a lot of boobs out there and try as we might; sometimes we might miss a pair. So make sure to share any bouncing bounty you find so we can be sure that our boob-search has left no melon unturned.

As a side note, Comeback Rack of the Year belongs to Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Gotta love JLH and it is great to see that those pillow pets have been taken care of over the years.