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Being Lamar Odom

This is a bit hard to write because I honestly used to like Lamar Odom. But, now I am going to rip him. Why? Because he deserves it. You just can't go on an oddball Twitter rant these days without getting publically flogged.

But let's roll it back a bit.

I have always loved Odom's game as a basketball player. He played for the lackluster Clippers for years, and then played with the Heat doing some great things before hitting his stride with the Lakers. All the while he seemed like a pretty mellow dude who tended to flow on the court. But then he hooked up with a Kardashian.

Who would have thought marrying into that family would turn him into a head case? Oooh oooh I did!

Drama starts to develop around his TV show, he starts dressing and acting a bit like a diva, and lets himself go a bit physically. So he gets put on the trading block, eventually gets sent to Dallas, is out of shape, and generally plays like crap. All the while he has his reality TV stuff going on. Eventually the Mavericks get sick of his lackadaisical attitude and send him packing. Apparently that 3 week vacation was exactly what he needed because now with the Mavs getting smoked by OKC in the playoffs he is feeling much better.

What better way share that with your 3 million Twitter followers than let them know what really happened and how you are ready to turn it around.

The reason for his bad play was the death of his cousin. That is understandable. People die and the emotional turmoil that can cause varies from person to person. It makes sense that his performance would suffer a bit. But at the same time people die every day and the rest of us have to soldier on. Now suddenly everything is better and you are ready to be The Comeback Kid?

Of course you are. Because you want to be a fashion designer so first you have to play good basketball to build up your name. Talk about great priorities! That seriously is a page out of the Kardashian playbook. Get any sort of publicity and then build some sort of fashion line off it.

Well I for one am not amused. Lamar, I am a fan no longer. You have lost my respect if you are going to just play the game to make a name for your sneaker collection. Play for the love of it. Play for the fans. Play for a championship because you are a competitor. Don't play because you think it will sell more of your crappy Rich Soil shirts. Fans don't like that type of attitude and definitely will not support you unless you consistently play at an All-Star level; because in this country winners are popular and whiners aren't.