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Being Eli

It must be tough to be Eli Manning. You play in New York under the scrutiny of some of the harshest news coverage anywhere. Your older brother is arguably one of the Top 3 quarterbacks of all time and isn't even retired yet. You have already won a Super Bowl and the game MVP. While your overall numbers aren't gaudy, they are very respectable and have shown improvement each year.

Yet you get no friggin respect.

So you start the year by telling everyone you are "Elite". Then you back it up with almost 5000 yards and a playoff trip. You take your team and help them start to peak at just the right time to tromp through the playoffs to a Super Bowl rematch with the Patriots. But still, no respect even from the betting line.

Of course you are up against Tommy Terrific and the Belichick Bunch who have a better record, better nicknames, and generally speaking hotter girlfriends and wives in the WAG department. No respect!

But then again in a recent poll more married women would rather have an affair with Eli 54% to 46% for Tom Brady because of his boy next door looks and because he would be easier to relate to. Score one for Eli!

But that's it. There is nothing else. Generally I kind of feel bad for the guy because of the raw deal he gets. He will always be Peyton's little brother and generally speaking he is too nice to ever be anything else. In most interviews he shows off about as much personality as a block of wood. According to teammates he is fun and funny but he never shows us that.

We never see Eli linked to Kim Kardashian or various models like Mark Sanchez. He doesn't have the moniker 'The Golden Boy' like Brady. His biggest football moment will forever be remembered as 'That amazing catch David Tyree made' where basically Eli scrambled his ass off and tossed a beautiful ball that Tyree almost dropped. Is Tyree in the Super Bowl this year? No he retired after 2009 at the age of 29 after having 4 catches during the previous 2 years. Yet everyone remembers that damn catch.

I'll bet he could throw for 400 yards and win another Super Bowl MVP and yet he will still get asked "Do you think Peyton will play next year?" in the post-game interview.

Well we here at Manwall would like to salute you Eli Manning for just being you! We wish you all the best this weekend and hope you lead the Giants to victory (because honestly we have money riding on you again)!