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Beat the Heat - Manwall Style

Like most people in the eastern half of the U.S., we are dealing with some serious heat issues. The hot temperatures are annoying as hell and damnit we aren't going to take it anymore! Who votes for casual dress code this week? By that I mean swim trunks and flip flops!

Well since HR probably won't get on board with that idea, I guess we need to figure other ways to stay cool during this annoying heat wave. Try some of these gems to lower your temperature down and enjoy what people who live in Death Valley get to enjoy every day.

Beat the Heat

1.     Get some AC dumbass! Screw the money. Buy a nice window insert and crank that baby up and then plop your ass down in front of it.

2.     Go find a nice sports bar with AC. Really this is a win-win idea if you don't mind drinking a beer or two and hour and watching any type of sports. Oh, sweet I can watch the Olympic trials for the javelin toss; if they have AC, book it!

3.     For the cheapos - freeze a few bottles of water and attach them to your fan. Then freeze another pair and shove them in your pants...refreshing!

4.     Sit in front of the refrigerator with the door open. Thank god you can stream Netflix on your iPad!

5.     Backyard kiddie pool + ice + water = winning.

6.     Take your t-shirt, dip it in water, and toss it in your freezer for 10 minutes. Put it on and be as cool as the other side of the pillow.

7.     Hit the mall. Yeah trolling for tail in the mall was cool when you were a teenager. Now it is an annoying as hell place to hang out. But usually they have AC rocking. Grab an Orange Julius and hit the video game store for awhile or maybe check out tools in the Craftsman section at Sears.

8.     Host a wet t-shirt contest. Regardless of how much it won't lower your own body temperature, it is a damn good idea.

9.     Popsicles! Yup, sugar and frozen water is awesome as an adult. You can even make your own.

10. Slip n Slide! This goes great with any sort of alcoholic game.

11. Hit the movies! Movie theaters usually crank the AC some it's time for that Magic Mike/Ted/whatever the hell else is playing-a-thon.

12. Have a squirt gun fight. This is great to do at work too by the way.

13. Find an ice-rink. Some crazy bastards still play hockey in the summer. Go there for a little afternoon skating. Even if you fall on your ass, that cold ice beats swamp butt at home.

14. Throw a margarita party. This is great for work lunches as well. Blend up that ice and add booze for instant, cool fun.