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Awesomely Funny Videos of the Day

Once again here we are! After scouring the internet we have found more funny videos to amuse you during your daily grind. Some of this stuff is amazing, truly. People are either becoming more creative or insanely bored to create some of things we found. Other stuff is just random occurring awesomeness that people managed to catch on video.

But funny videos make us laugh so we shall keep watching them all and sending the best ones on to our bro's to watch!


First up is a piece about the do's and don'ts of labeling people in the contacts section of your phone:

Then we have a nice prank some guys pulled at the beach:


From the funny videos vault we pulled a classic mash-up of Arnold's one-liners:

The master of parallel parking:


Finally we conclude our funny videos with these pathetic dudes getting punked while cleaning the kitchen: