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Attack of the Bearded Beanie


Regular Manwall subscriber, Scott, posted this lovely picture of what I can only assume is himself wearing the newest fashion rage; the bearded beanie. I had seen the Facebook ads but never truly appreciated the concept until today. Every man needs a Beard Beanie!

Now there is a company named Beard Beanie that states that they are the ORIGINAL! Don't know, don't care, and does it really matter? If I am going to purchase a beanie that has a beard attached to it, I doubt that I will be picky enough to only buy from the original versus any other Joe Schmoe selling this funky head ware.

So what makes this facial warming so awesome? Think of the versatility! They are touted as being great for all sorts of cold weather activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hunting, or even snow shoveling! But of course we at Manwall have a whole other concept of uses!

Bearded Beanie Uses:

·       Replaces ski masks or other stocking caps for bank robbers - Now you can look stylish and be incognito!

·       Allows you to slip out of uncomfortable situations like a bad date easily - Just carry your trusty bearded beanie in your back pocket, head into the bathroom, and head out in complete disguise!

·       Who needs the paper bag when rooting for Cleveland or other morbid sports franchises? Now just slip on a Bearded Beanie in your teams colors! Go METS!

·       Just for men? Nope the ladies and kids can finally see what all the fuss is about beards and mustaches!

·       Davis Beckham Impersonations - It is doubtful you can nail Victoria with this get-up, but that beanie and beard combo looks an awful lot like how Becks travels around L.A.

Currently the Manwall staff is patiently awaiting our shipment of bearded beanies. When they arrive we more than likely will replace Casual Friday with Bearded Beanie Friday. We ordered the Zach Galifianakis models.....sweet!