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Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and You Shall Receive


Sometimes you just have to ask politely and the universe will magically provide you what you need. No we haven't been toking off the hookah or mediating on the Buddha. We are just reporting the facts that sometimes you can get what you want and we have a funny video to prove it.

Recently Nick Collison, the blue collar forward for the Oklahoma Thunder did some work with GQ. He was quoted on their blog as saying, "The hard part is being able to have the focus to do it over and over again, knowing you aren't going to get a lot of credit. Doing a great job of talking on defense won't get you any high-paying endorsement deals. Nobody is making a YouTube mix of all your badass screens with a Rick Ross track playing over it. (I'm not saying I would complain if someone did this for me.)"

Wish granted:

An interesting thing about this funny video is that even though it is focused on the blue chip plays he makes, you still have a hard time focusing on Nick Collison for more than 20-30 seconds. Try watching it again and you keep following the ball and forget to see all the hustle Nick puts out on the floor. Guys who play hard and do the small things are needed but even Rick Ross doesn't make it sexy.

Well, now that the funny video is up it should only be a matter of time before the endorsement deals start rolling in! Is that Nike on the phone?