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Are you watching Aziz Ansari?

Sheesh this guy is funny. Sometimes a comedian just hits the pulse of a topic and just nails it. Aziz seems to do that every time I see him on stage! A lot of his act centers on funny stories. The way he relates them is just hilarious.

This recent clip he released as a freebie to his show is exactly what I mean:

Aziz Ansari Standup - Texting with Girls (Dangerously Delicious Preview) from Aziz Ansari

He hits an issue so many of us deal with all the time but relates it with his own life's funny stories!

Now you only get a snippet but then for a mere $5 you can stream the whole hour show. That is a pretty good deal because he really gives a good show. He stuff has been so good that he even got "Liked" by me on Facebook. Serious gold star status for him no doubt!

I think the best thing about Aziz's funny stories are that he includes so many celebrity encounters in them that at first seem fake but then end up being completely true. It's like the guy has no filter about whom and what he will talk about but everyone likes him and they are cool with that.

That is what makes him such a kick ass comedian.

Rock on Aziz, rock on.