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Anger Management Gets Great Reviews

How do you truly know when a show is going to be a hit? When it sells out all of its' ad space weeks before the first episode even airs. That is exactly what happened with the new Charlie Sheen vehicle, Anger Management.

FX took a gamble that Charlie had a little something left in the tank and it appears that it will pay off big time. They have 10 episodes in the can and a fat line of international investors to go with ad men lined up to get a piece of this action.

Unless Charlie pulls a 'Sheen' it looks like a golden goose has just been hatched.

FX already sent back the green light for the writers and creator to start work on more episodes even though the first has yet to air. A lot of that has to do with them selling out the first four episodes with booze, car, and movie advertisers shelling out decent money for ad space on a completely unproven show. There is already a deal in place that if the ratings are good enough on the first 10 shows then an order of 90 more gets placed.

That is a total testament to the power and draw of Sheen.

Plus they have syndication deals lined up in Canada (eh!), Latin America (Sheen es muy beuno!), Germany (Das Sheen!), Scandinavia (I got nothing), and Australia (oye!). This is completely unheard of and rather crazy for a new show. But the bottom line is that Charlie, when he is on, is a comic draw that everyone wants to get a piece of. With Anger Management he has the chance to get a bit more risky and cross more lines than you do on a regular network show. People are banking that a looser set of guidelines will draw more viewers, especially considering the subject matter of the show.

Plus Two and a Half Men really sucks now so we need something new to watch!

It is only a few more weeks until Sheen premiers on FX (June 28th at 9pm) so set those DVRs!